Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adding XYahooMap component in an Xcelsius model

Although add-on components need to be created using Adobe Flex, once they are installed in the designer (which itself is a simple process, for details see here), they are as easy to use as any other Xcelsius component.

As an example the video below shows how it takes less than 40 seconds to integrate an XYahooMap component to an existing Xcelsius 2008 model.


Mandava said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful components and Good examples.
These type of components are oxygen for the xcelsius developers.

while trying to use the XYahooMap i am unable to see the mappings for the "Addresses".

If i am able to see the mappings it is throwing an error message as below
"Invalid property. Could not set 'addresses' property on com.bitransformation.xcomponents::XYahooMap class to California. Error #1034"

Could you please help on the above issue.
Thanks In Advance

Daniel Koelsch said...

Great to see that there is a way to extend Xcelsius via custom plug-ins using Flex.
Regarding Yahoo Maps: Is there a way to extend this component so that the map can be used for visualizing map overlays (for mashups, etc..)?

Donald MacCormick said...

@Mandava - do you have the latest verison of the components (1.5) this sound slike an issue which was fixed in that release

Donald MacCormick said...

@Daniel - it would be possible to extend XYahooMap to do this but I have no plans to do that. You might want to look at the Google maps plugin which Centigon Solutions are offering as it has this capability I belive.

BI Solutions Provider said...

The map component is awesome. Absence of flexible map component was something much missing with xcelsius dashboards before. Seems it will develop more in the coming versions.

Fred said...

XYahooMap component doesn't seem to be working anymore. On Sp5 of Xcelsius.

Donald MacCormick said...


I am afraid that Yahoo have pulled support for the underlying mapping service. I am looking for a new one to use but not found a suitable one yet.