Monday, January 14, 2008

Installing the XComponents

A single xlx (XceLsius eXtension) file containing version 1.5 of the XComponents is available here :-

download XComponents.xlx

(If the file downloads as a zip file, don't open it, just rename the file to have an xlx extension, instead of zip, and then install it as below).

download the sample xlfs for the models on the home page

To install the XComponents just select File|Manage Add-Ons from the menu, browse to the xlx file and restart Xcelsius. As in the video below.

If there is no "Manage Add-ons" menu item then you should upgrade to the latest version of Xcelsius, which can be done at

SAP Business Objects Download


Deborah said...

Excellent work, thanks for creating these. I've been using Xcelsius since before version 4 (when owned by Infommersion). I like the new version but it still has quirks I wish it didn't. Too bad SAP support is non-existent.

yenzaa said...

Thank you. (^^)

acus said...

i am using xcelsius 2008,
Xcelsius Version
Build Number 12,0,0,121.

my Xcelsius have Manage Add-ons in File menu but it is disable.

could you please help me how to enable Manage Add-Ons.


Donald MacCormick said...

You need to upgrade. The latest (free) upgrades are at :-

marlan said...

I found the above information after I had to hack the registry per Xcelsius instructions to enter my keycode. Apparently there are "Vista Issues". The above worked for me, kept my desktop but lost browser history.

wei loo said...


In my Xcelsius 2008, there is "manage add-ons" option under File menu. I click it but there is a runtime error.

May i know how to fix it? or i need to download some patch in order to finx it?

Thank in advance.

Donald MacCormick said...

wei loo

Not sure what is happening, you might want to upgrade to the latest fix at


Joel said...

I'm able to manage the add-on, install it. However when I re-open Xcelsius the Xcomponents folder is not there, and I cannot locate, even though it appears the component is installed.