Thursday, January 29, 2009

XGlobe and XScorecard Sample

The XGlobe and XScorecard shown here are examples of add-on components for Xcelsius 2008 ( which were written with Adobe Flex.

The Flex application you see below was created using point and click only (no coding) from an Excel spreadsheet containing details of the wprlds 50 most populous cities.

To see more XComponents in action go to the main page

Spin the globe to see the other side of the world, click on a marker and open the tree nodes to see details for a city.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how you make the globe and the xscoreboard talk would it be possible to get the sample data on this please?

Donald MacCormick said...

There is a link on the main page ( to get to sample xlfs for all the models here.

Sara said...

Hello, I would like to download XComponents, I cannot from Antivia because they delete it, Could Anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.