Friday, December 12, 2008

XComponents Version 1.9

Version 1.9 of the XComponents has two new components, and a number of enhancements and bug fixes to existing components. Download them at

Details are :-

    XHarveyBalls a new "Harvey balls" ( component

    XReflector a new component which will act as a mirrored surface under whatever is above it

      • XScorecard
        • change the font and size of the text
        • background KPI colour indicators
        • choose from different icons
        • add custom icons
        • option to have custom column width reflected at run time
        • bindable column width so they are dynamic and linkable across different scorecards
        • Bugfix – custom column width holoured at runtime
        • XTree
          • Multi-select option
          • XYahooMap
            • New Map centre property to locate map on startup
            • Label on markets can be different from the text use to locate the maker
            • Bugfix – custom zoomlevel honoured at runtime
            • Bugfix – map displays even with no initial markers
            • Bugfix – no error displayed if geocode fails
            • XSparkline
              • Option to have empty value break the line


            Kalyan said...

            Donald, this is a useful upgrade. Harveyballs are a great addition and also multiple selection on xtremews was something I was looking for since quite some time now. Thanks for the awesome components.

            Muhammed Ismail said...


            Great upgrade, especially the yahoo map bug fixes.

            Ivo Moor said...

            Hi Donald,

            thanks for sharing this components! Especially the multiple selection within the XTree control will be useful in some of my projects!

            srikanth said...

            nice to see Update and bug-fix's on the Free xcomponent, some of your sample gave me good food for thought on various visualization.

            sethtex said...

   seems to be down. Is there any other way to get a copy of the xComponents?

            Donald MacCormick said...

            the link
            is working for me, try again.

            Ishaq said...

            Hi Donald,

            I am trying to get the link from Antivia. I did register at their site to download the components but my account is not being approved and I am unable to download.

            Can you suggest an alternate download location.

            Thanks & Regards


            Tammy said...

            How do you use the Harvey Balls component? I can only get an all-white or an all-black view to show up... seems that an even number makes it white and an odd number makes it black but I can't show anything inbetween. Just trying to display a Harvey Ball based on a number 0-9 but must have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the component works.

            Donald MacCormick said...

            You need to use fractional values, a quarter filled ball needs a value of 0.25, a half filled ball a value of 0.5 etc

            Linora Preema said...

            Thanks for the Xcomponents! They are great! How do I assign a middle alert value in the XScorecard? Also, can I change the alerts values/ranges in the XScorecard?

            Brad Giska said...

            has anyone else had trouble with custom widths in xscorecard? I have binded it, then the first column is wide enough, but it intermittently resets all columns to the same width. any ideas how this works?

            Abdul said...

            Man xtree+XtreeGrid is what I have been looking for but I wonder how it works. I am finding it difficult to
            1. Multi node tree like the one in default
            2. How to link this tree to other xcelsius components for drilldown

            Can anybody help with example please.

            Donald MacCormick said...

            Take a look at the video at :-


            it explains some of the concepts.

            Communication with other components is achieved through the "selected value" property.

            Hope that helps


            Sara said...

            Hello, I would like to download XCOmponents but I cannot because Antivia delete all of them, Could anybody help me with another website or thing like that where I can download this?
            Thanks in advance!